Drug Safety Is Everyone's Concern

Thursday, November 08, 2012
On one of my blog-hopping days, I came upon one article on the net about drug safety. I have previously written about medicines and how they were advertised through the tri-media and wondered whether this factor can affect the audiences reception about the product itself. Whether the audience/people are swayed into using the products because it was portrayed in such a way that it becomes the more obvious choice. 

As a consumer of different products/medicines that are in the market today, I believe that it is my concern to know whether a product is safe. It is not only enough to rely on ads/commercials because it is our health and safety we are talking about here. 

One of which caught my attention was the product named Saridon by Bayer. In an article by Miss Toral at the Sunstar Website (you may read it here), she pointed out that this product contains Propyphenazone which might have side effects to those who take it. Now, we all know, through Saridon's commercial or in some other way that this product targets pain and deals with headaches that are caused by extreme heat, abrupt weather changes, stress, loud noise, and other environmental factors. And with its very affordable prize, here in the Philippines, it has been known to become popular against headaches; accordingly more and more Filipinos particularly in Visayas and Mindanao are frequent users of this product. 

All in all, I though, it must be a good product since it has gained a following here in the Philippines and is affordable compared to other brands. But as I read the article further, I learned that the product is banned in a  number of countries such as Turkey, Sri Lanka, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. Now this sparked curiosity. Why would these countries ban the product if it is doing good as it claims? In Korea those who are below the age of 15 are banned to take it. The product also restricts its usage for those who are pregnant and are suffering under certain conditions listed here. But you will only know this if you really read the labels because these aren't included in the commercial/ads at all. I think this should be clearly communicated not only in the ads, but also in their webpages or FB pages since they have one that include phenacetin which can prove to be carcinogenic (can cause cancer). Article can be found here.

I think it would be better if the DOH and Bayer can provide more information about the active ingredients in this product. In this way, consumers will know and can judge for themselves if this product is indeed worth taking. 


  1. Thanks for sharing msKai! This information indeed is an eyeopener for all of us! Not because these drugs are legally sold in the market does not give us the assurance that they are safe.

    I do hope DOH would do something about this! Fast!

  2. This is alarming! Thank you Kai for letting this out. Will surely try my best to help spread precaution.

  3. Tsk tsk, DOH and BFAD should really screen the medicines first before allowing them to enter the Philippine market. Good thing I only trust another brand when it comes to my headache.

  4. I must really be careful in taking medicines because before I am not aware, thanks.

  5. This is what we should be careful on. Some products aren't really effective as what it said on the ads. My uncle tried a product was shown on TV and nothing seem to happend except some side effects. That's why we can't just relay on the ads. Thanks for sharing this info Kai.

  6. I've been reading a lot of this drug lately. I guess we should just keep everyone informed about this product.


  7. Bright Jewelry11/15/12, 11:18 PM

    We should really be aware of the medicines we intake. Don't just take medicines if it'll make your skin whiter or help you to lose weight. Safety First. Thank you for the warning.

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  9. Maybe it's not banned here because taxes are paid for this med. to be available in the market. You now naman sometimes ang iba, basta may perang nkukuha khit not masyado of good quality ang product okay lang. This is an insightful post. Be telling my family and friends not to buy like such.


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