Garden of Eden

Monday, November 19, 2012
Thank God for a new blog post. I have neglected this blog for far too long now. Maybe because I am too uninspired and too busy. Anyway, I just found time to update this amid my busy schedule. I owe my readers that. Thank you for keeping my blog company for the days that it lacked update. I have the best readers in the world! Haha =)

Last Saturday was my shoot for VezTV and I decided to go with this outfit of stripes and prints. I think it just turned out fine - the navy blue in the skirt matched with the blue on the top. To tone down the loud colors, I decided to go with a black blazer. Photos were all taken by our cameraman, Daryl. :) 

//Black Redhead Coat bought at SM GTW//
//Inner Striped Top from SUGAR-RUSH//
//Belt from SM Dept Store//
//Printed Skirt from Thrift Store//
//Shoes from Modernosense//
//Watch from Technomarine//

 And after my shoot, I had to hurry to the office for work after which I dashed to church for band practice. It doesn't get any busier than that! But I'm having the time of my life so why complain? HAHA =) I gotta go lovelies! Comment away, okay?


  1. Love this photo set, Kai! Especially the ones of you with the fruit. So nice! Galing ng cameraman niyo! hehehehe He has an eye for photography too. :)

  2. Clash of prints. Love it Kai! Very sophisticated! <33

  3. i love your skirt <3 hay you are so pretty and i envy you haha :)
    The Bargain Doll

  4. You are beautiful <3 LOVE your outfit!


  5. Pretty! Pansin ko super busy ang beauty mo Kai! Pero carry lang :D

  6. This is a FAB "fruit salad". HEHE You read my blog crush. I wrote something about new terms.


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