Look: Pink Madness

Thursday, November 22, 2012
Most girls love Pink. I used to think that I shouldn't be wearing pink all the time because of the stereotypes. Pink is for girly girls and the kikay ones. But nevertheless, I still wear pink clothing for the fun of it. The way it gives out that feminine vibe. I'm sure a lot of my readers love pink too but as for me, I love a variety of colors =)

Anyway, what I put together is an outfit I used during our Church service last Sunday. I started singing with our church's music department again so I want to dress up in a much special manner. I shopped with my mom last week for skirts - since I'll be mostly using them. And when I saw this pink lacey skirt, I totally lost it! 

 //Redhead Blazer from SM GTW//
//White Sleeveless Tank Top from local store//
//Pink Lace Skirt from thrift store//
//Rose Wedges from Modernosense//

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  1. I love your blazer Kai, mine na that one. Lol

  2. ganda mo always! love the blazer! looks good on you :)

    The Bargain Doll

  3. pink! me loves!!! the blazer really stands out. lalo na ung pagka bright ng pink

  4. Really simple yet very pretty outfit. The pink color is very uplifting. It charms and brightens one's aura..I dunno. That's my take on it =)

  5. Im loving color pink nowadays too! That's ironic because I never liked pink when I was younger :D

    I love your blazer.. I find it hard to find the perfect pink blazer.. so when I found one in H&M, I bought it! Never care about the price :D

  6. Nothing like a splash of hot pink? :) Looks dashing on youu.


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