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Friday, November 23, 2012
Have you ever had that moment of silence and deep thinking and suddenly what comes to your mind are things you would like to do but just have no time for yet? I've had a lot of those moments and just a while back, I took a piece of paper and pen and wrote down all those things that I want to do and try out. It's a sort of checklist where you get to crash out all the accomplished entries. I know I would've done this a long time ago, but anyway I'm glad that now I did.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I always worry about what presents to give my loved ones. I thought it would be nice to give away baked goodies in lovely containers. Now is the time to learn how to bake! One of the things in my list is to bake cupcakes, cookies and cakes. It will be fun specially since the holidays are synonymous to feasts and food! So basically, before the year ends and before Christmas, I must learn to be able to bake! It's not that impossible because my mom loves to bake and she went to school to learn it - I'm just glad she could help me with it. I also uploaded some recipes online - the ones that I can try at home and I am sooooo excited!

I also researched of ways on how I can package the yummy cookies and cupcakes that I will be making. Can't you feel how ecstatic I am to be making these? Here are a few of the packaging inspirations I am contemplating on doing. Hopefully, I will be able to pull this off knowing that December will be very busy.

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Do you have any recipes you'd like to share? I would be eager to try them out too! PS: I have a new giveaway collab with other bloggers, check it out to win awesome makeup loot from Jewel Pop Cosmetics! Click THIS.

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  1. Besides on cooking, baking is the most easiest and sweetest thing that you could ever do ♥ I've done cheesecakes from scratch since its actually easy, just looki ut up on google how to make it :D


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