Powder Blue Madness

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lately, I've been inspired in doing collages of items/products that I love. And in the colors that I adore as well. So the first of a series of collages is this one. I've been loving powder hues lately and blue has been one of the victims. Hahaha! I hope you like the products I brought together.

I definitely am in love with the platform shoes from Modernosense. If only it was in my size, I would definitely BUY it! The color is just sooooo cute, don't you think? And I can already feel that it is a comfy pair. The Mia Casa bracelet also looks super nice and dainty. The Chloe Edit dress is perfect for casual trips with friends too, pair it with a comfy pair of Mary Janes and you're set to go~

Be sure to check out updates from this blog for more colorful and lust-worthy item collages from your favorite brands. I just received my five pairs of shoes from ModernoSense and I would love to do a video haul soon so watch out for it! 

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  1. I love the cuff Kai. I have ganyan din, pero gold. Hihi.

  2. I think I've told you this before: I wish I have the same craving and eye for fashion. Hehehe


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