Winners: Beauty Bloggers United #1 Giveaway

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Finally! Here are the lucky winners of our Beauty Bloggers United Giveaway along with fellow beauty bloggers Jannie of Jannieology, Celline of Product Arena, Ana of Leaving Traces, Aila of Makeup and My World, Valerie of Ms Valerie Deoferio

Alongside the announcement of each winner is the prize they will be bringing home. Thank you so much to all who joined this giveaway =) We had an awesome 15k number of entries! Hurray!

For the complete list of prizes each winner will be receiving, please refer to the giveaway post HERE.

Winners, please email Celline over at or any of the other 5 bloggers your shipping details. If one or more of the winners fail to send us a confirmation message within 3 days, we'll pick a new winner. Thanks once again lovely readers for participating! 

PS: I have a new giveaway collab with other bloggers, check it out to win awesome makeup loot from Jewel Pop Cosmetics! Click THIS.


  1. OMG! Hindi ko to alam Kai! Maganda mga prizes! Sayang haha gotta join your other giveaway now :3

  2. Congrat's to the winners!!
    sayang d ako nanalo.. :(


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