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Wednesday, November 28, 2012
I hope everyone accepts my apology because I've neglected yet again this blog due to a conflicting schedule. A lot of things are changing at work and I hope to cope with it plus our church’s anniversary and thanksgiving is on Friday (I will be the emcee) and a day after I will again be the emcee for a wedding. I am seriously thinking of leaving the blog but I've already spent a lot of effort building it and I've gone this far (thanks to my lovely readers and supporters!). I didn't even realize that I already hit the 100K views for which I am truly honored and grateful. 
Anyway, on a more personal note, my dad happened to already fix the oven at home ---- which means I can now immerse myself in baking! I am sooo excited! I know, I know. I might be doing things all at once here. But I wanna do it because it gives me joy. :D I will always be a multitasking-helluva-woman! I’m already drafting my shopping list for baking tools and ingredients since most of my mom’s stuff are either gone or destroyed.
Now, on a more fashion-related matter, since I will be hosting 3 successive events this week, and lovely outfits are a must! It’s really a great timing that my orders from ASOS arrived a few weeks back and they are just perfect for the event. I bought additional accessories as well. I’m not going to show you photos of the dresses though. Just wait for my outfit photos. Which reminds me.. here are photos of the look I created last week I think. I just got lazy to edit them but now they made it to the blog! Hurray! I already used the dress in the JKC Halloween Fun Event that I hosted but the look here is without the blazer instead I brought it the lovely, ever-favorite denim top I bought from SM GTW during my trip to MNL. I love it because it transforms my dress into a casual outfit that’s perfect for strolls at the mall! 

//Denim Top from SM GTW//
//Dress and Shoes from local store//
//Satchel Bag from Parisian//
//Watch from Technomarine//
//Headband from Sugar-Rush//

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  1. beautiful kai! love the denim + floral combination :)



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