A!Life Ambassadors

Thursday, December 06, 2012
Remember my blog post about the Manila trip I had? (Read it HERE) Well, this blog post is in connection to that. I'm so happy to finally announce to all of you that our A!Life spread in Cosmo.ph was launched yesterday! Upon receiving an email from Zel, I immediately opened the site and boom! the article was there right away with the photo of the five (5) online ambassadors! 

Meet the beautiful, healthy, and empowered women who inspire others to take control and live the a!life.

As part of a!life’s search for their newest online faces, PascualLab’s women’s health supplement asked females from all over the Philippines to share how they take control of their relationships, career, health, and wellness for a chance to become the next ambassadors for the brand. I just feel so blessed to be one of the ambassadors of A!Life because indeed it is a product that can help women achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle with the range of products that they offer. Thank you to Mango for our clothes - the clothes were all to die for! Read the full article by clicking THIS LINK.  Thank you Pascual Lab! =)

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  1. Congrats on being an A!Life Ambassador. You're just a perfect face to represent a brand. Great move by Pascual Lab.

  2. Kai! Way to go! So proud of you! <3


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