Bag Addiction

Friday, December 07, 2012
I've always been addicted to collecting things that are related to fashion and beauty. I'm sure a lot of shopaholics would agree that it's never enough to own just one pair of shoes, or just one or two bags. I'm not saying it's a must to collect dozens of shoes but if you have enough money to spend on these things then why ever not? 

Just recently I've been buying lovely shoes from one of my favorite online stores and when I decided that I had more than enough, I guess I'll have to stop for the mean time. You can check my previous post where I blogged about my Modernosense shoes. Right now, I am totally aiming to collect more bags in different sizes, colors and textures. I'm always for the spacier bags - the larger ones because I'm known to carry the whole room with me (I carry a lot of things in my bag just because I feel relieved. I hate forgetting things at home!). I just visited Collectables where I can now shop for designer bags without the hassle! Here are some of the bags that I would definitely go for: 

Notice the Kippling Bags? Aren't they nice? I went for the spacier ones because it totally fits my style and needs. How about you? Which one would you choose? Comment away and let me know!

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  1. i love retro, vintage, middle and small bags crossover :)

  2. I have come to the point that the bag has to really be functional for me to choose it... but i am no fashion person and so I end up with a black bag something which looks like the blue or the red one. But in the end, if i buy it in the Philippines, I wouldn't choose Kipling since it is too expensive. But if i can find it abroad, yes, I would choose Kipling!

  3. hi dear..

    i love bags too..

    my haul from your closet =)


  4. Oh god. You said it. I was a total crave for bags, yes that's how i use the term. I love sling bags, those bags are the one i have collected :D


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