Tzu Chi One Mega Fair

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
I admit, I've been one lazy cat these past few days when it comes to blogging. Well, maybe not! It's just that I find other things eating my time - like baking for example! But don't worry, I'm not going to turn this fashion blog into a baking/food blog (duh!), but yes, I've set up another blog for that to chronicle my baking adventures! Hurray! If you guys wanna visit my food blog - just click

Posing with the giant paper boat for the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation
Now, I'd like to show you an event I visited last Sunday - Tzu Chi One Mega Fair. I actually plugged this event during my TV show and told the viewers I'd be there. Sunday came and I almost forgot about it! Good thing, Yuri texted me (since he'll be the segment host for the event) and asked me to come so they can interview me a bit (since I love shopping so much!). It was held at Garden Orchid Convention Center - it's an event where a number of merchants/shop owners convene in one huge place to sell products/items at a much lower price. All proceeds of the event will go a long way by helping the less fortunate.

Guests were encouraged to do their own Origami art.
Lovely bag I would have bought right off the bat if I had enough cash. LOL

There were a lot of people and shops at the event and I saw some very familiar faces! I saw bloggers Patty and Jannie there. =) Crap! I wasn't able to bring my trusty DSLR so I ended up taking photos with my Sony phone. Not only were there clothes, shoes and bags, there were also a lot of food! I didn't stay long at the event though, I had to shop for baking ingredients so I only ended up with super cute hair accessories. LOL =) I hope to go back next year and bring a lot of cash! HAHA =)

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  1. I didn't see that bag while I was roaming around. It looks so cute!

  2. Bazaars are quite a hit right now, reminds me that I should do my Christmas shopping asap. :)

  3. That seems to be one lovely Christmas fair! I hope I get to visit one before Christmas. I enjoy browsing on markets like this as i get unique gift ideas.

  4. Those cupcakes look yummy. I've been looking for a bag just like that. Really pretty.

  5. cute origami products! and i hate that feeling na you want to buy something pero you dont have money! haha (dun ako nakarelate) :D

  6. Sayang nga noh hidi tau nakapicture nyaha next time! :3


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