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Monday, December 03, 2012
Eeek! Blog left unattended for quite a few days! I'm not being a great blogger these days. But mind you, I being a great MC (Emcee) though - that's better than doing nothing. As what I've told you guys a few days back, I hosted 2 events during this weekend (that does not include hosting for my TV show) and this afternoon, I will be hosting a debut for my close friend, Leanne :D So much for being busy. I just want to update you guys a little about what I wore to one of the events I hosted. I will be posting photos of the event some time soon. For now, all I have is my outfit post for GNT Foursquare Gospel Church' 44th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebration held last Friday =)

//Blue Dress from ASOS//
//White Bolero and Necklace from local store//
//White Wedges from Modernosense//
//Watch from Technomarine//
Photo Credits: Yuri Choi

There you have it ladies and gentlemen! I will be posting more photos tomorrow or if I'm not too busy anymore. Hehe :D I have to get ready for the debut later! Also, I'm enjoying baking a lot. I just made my lovely Mocha Cupcakes last night! Can't wait to rave about it on my food blog. YES. SOOOOON <3

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  1. Your dress is fab. Indeed.. white and blue is a very good combination!

    Bloghopping here. Hope you visit back ;)

  2. Awesome Ensemble :"> Very Elegant.


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