2013 TREND: Black & White

Wednesday, January 09, 2013
Yesterday, I came up with an outfit post using a monotonous combination of the most basic colors - Black & White. Little did I know that it was going to get big this year! Along with other lovely and exciting trends for 2013, I find Black and White to be very wearable. You can do this trend in a variety of ways - patterns, color-block or you can pair them together for that contrast - this look can be worn by everyone. 

In what way can you wear this trend for everyday use? You can always add simple pieces that you already have in your closet. For instance, if you have that patterned B&W dress, you can always pair it with those sexy black stilettos. If you;re going for a corporate wear, you can always pair a white blazer with a breezy black top or an all white ensemble paired with a studded white clutch. There are a lot of ways to spice up the black and white trend! I personally wore this trend with a little tinge of orange
To inspire you more about this trend, let's see how your favorite celebrities wore this: 
Source: Google Images
I definitely love how Kristen wore the B&W ensemble because it just looks so sleek and put together. The pointed shoes are a perfect match to the outfit. You can also see from the photos above how prints were styled. I can't see how this trend can go out of style - I guess it'll be here to stay for quite some time :) Here are some pieces to get you to started on the B&W Trend:


  1. My fave! B & W <3 Anything under that looks classy and so fashionable. :) Forever a fan of this. <3

  2. I've always like black and white. Most of my clothes are black. haha I am in love with Kristen's white cropped corset. It's gorgeous! I really want it! I have pants that look like hers. Now I have an idea what I can wear with them. Just need to find something like her top! hehehe

  3. I love what kristen is wearing also!! too chic!! glad its a big hit this year!! I have tons of balck and whites!! hehe xx

  4. gosh i would love to wear bella's outfit!! would want to sport more of this :D

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