Sunday, January 13, 2013

There are times when I don’t understand what I should be feeling. I feel scared and everything that’s in my mind seems to just disappear. Maybe they’re worthless after all, they’re just words – meaningless now. Somehow, I tell myself to just befriend silence and maybe everything will be alright. But even silence is deafening and overwhelming. I turn to solitude and he becomes my confidante, my solace- in him I find joy.

Somehow, solitude has made me see the world’s wonders, he made me see what I’ve been missing - that there’s a world out there waiting to be explored, to be discovered, to be traveled. I’ve been locked out of it for so long; locked inside a box with no light at all seeping in.


I can finally let go – maybe I longed to let go of something that I know I can never hold on to. Maybe that fact has been there all along. I can finally see – the world, all of it. I shall let go of the sadness, the hurt and the pain – never to look back. Saying goodbye in hopes of something much brighter.

//Studded Collar Top, a gift//
//Aztec Skirt from Dress Diaries//
//Ankle Booties bought from Modernosense//
//Neon Spikes Necklace & Headband from Sugar-Rush//

Yesterday,  I cleaned out my room and got rid of the things that I didn't need and want anymore. It feels really good to see the final look of the room after I applied my magic. HAHA :D It looks more organized, more fresh, stress-free. Something as simple as cleaning your room will make one sleep easier so I always make it a habit to clean my room every so often. Sorry I cannot post photos of my room – it’s too private-a-thing for me to post. Maybe soon if I feel more comfy about it. LOL. 

I do hope you’re all having a great day =) I just came from Church and though the entry up there seems to sad, I just want to write again and post what I really feel. Anyway, I just wanna say "Ahh, weekends, how I love and adore you!" 


  1. The headband is very pretty! I clean my room everyday. Not deep cleaning, though; just a quick wipe, sweep, and polish. Bedrooms should always be neat and clean because they're out sanctuary.

  2. Of all the looks you've posted so far, this is my absolute favorite. The aztec print bandage skirt + loose sheer blouse looks gorgeous on you. Plus I love your makeup here. So fresh!

  3. love this look! love the colourburst skirt and headband! cute necklace too! Booties looks so fierce! xx

  4. Love the outfit especially the skirt <3

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