Miss Matchy-Matchy

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
matching bags and shoes

//Black Bag from Hued Bags//
//All other items from ModCloth//

It's a boring Tuesday for me at the office. So I just decided to do a collage of some very lovely things that when matched together sparks magic - fashion magic that is! And because I'm fond of mixing and matching things, that collage up there was the result. 

I'm also downloading lovely fonts over the internet so I can use them in my future collages and projects. Oh there are a lot to choose from! :) I guess that's what boredom does to you. Anyway, I know I should be posting Week 3 of my #FMSphotoaday but I'm too lazy to edit the photos and do the post. HAHA :) I will be posting it though anytime this week :) Oh and a really good and weird thing happened this morning. It's known at home that I lost my trusty watch although I know that I just lost it at home. So my sister woke me up this morning to announce that she found my watch underneath her pile of clothes! And the weird thing was, I dreamed about it last night! Awesome right? I remembered saying "It will show up in God's right time" and was comforted because of that:) Anyhoo, for now, enjoy the my lovely selection of bags and shoes!

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  1. I've been eyeing that black studded bag from HUED since like forever! I really want it kaso I just got a new bag and haven't even made a dent in it yet. Super magastos na ako. :))))))


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