Photo A Day: Week ONE

Monday, January 07, 2013
Today is Week One of my #FMSphotoaday Challenge and I'm quite ecstatic to post seven photos that I've taken in the past days. I've obviously prepared for this activity - it's a sort of commitment throughout the whole month and I admit I love taking photos. Some of the photos might not be as stellar because I'm only using my phone for this; I bring it with me anytime, anywhere. My DSLR is too heavy and very inconvenient to bring. Ugh! If you wanna see all the prompts for January 2013, just click the logo on my sidebar! :D Here goes:

Day One - TODAY
It's the New Year of course! And as a family, we went to our church's Faggot Service. Faggot refers to a bundle of sticks that are to be burned. And because it is the start of the year, I took a photo of myself wearing the gift that my man gave me for Christmas :D

This is obviously something new that I bought myself during the holidays which I got to use on Day Two. These spiked shoes from Tomato is my gift to myself. I know I have to be creative but I just can't let the opportunity of introducing this new baby go to waste. HAHA :D

Day Three - HEART
Curious to know what that heart is made of? Well, they're bits of shredded paper from the shredding machine at the office. This prompt is dedicated to the organization for Heart Cancer patients. I earnestly pray that they go through the battle victoriously.

On the evening of day four, I got to visit Paseo del Mar again for a TV Shoot (VezTV already turned one and we shot our anniversary special at Barcode). So from the so-called baywalk of Zamboanga, I took this photo. It looks really nice right?

So yeah, I didn't have enough time to take photos outside that's why I opted to take a photo of our electric fan. HAHA! Hey, you might think it's easy but it wasn't. My DSLR kept focusing on the thing so the photos I got first weren't exactly those that depict movement! But finally after a few tries, I got what I wanted! :)

Day Six - MINE
Yey! Among all the photos this week, this is my favorite! It's a photo of MY dog named Fluffy! Isn't she sooo cute? She's turning 1 this January 30 and maybe we can all celebrate with a bone, ayt?

Day Seven - STREET
This is a photo of the street just right outside our house. You might also notice that I usually take my outfit photos on this street. HAHA! So this is like an ode to the outfit post street. HAHAHA!

There goes the first seven photos I took for Week One! Wow! This was indeed challenging. I still have three more weeks to go and I'm already too excited :D How about you? How did your challenge go? Lemme know by commenting your links below! :D

Wanna see the photos I took for the challenge? Click below:


  1. I'm also doing the photo a day! Thanks to you, I got encouraged to do this :)

  2. I'm quite unsure about the photos 3-7. hehe Nonetheless, this seems to be a good weekly challenge. Good luck!

  3. My favourite is the third and sixth photo! Good luck on your photo-a-day task! I used to do that when I first got my DSLR but after a few weeks, I got tired and work was keeping me busy.

  4. I like pero busy busy ang peg ko hahaha nakita ko ang segment nung nasa barcode kau!:)

  5. Great photos! Love your hair color and those studded flats. :)

  6. love the photos. especially the heart one :)


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