Photo A Day: Week Two

Monday, January 14, 2013
Oh yeah! It feels so good to reach Week 2 of #FMSphotoaday challenge! Some of my friends post photos everyday on IG or Twitter but since I have blog, I'd rather post it all here :) Anyway, Week Two is just as fun as Week One. But hey, I guess I'm getting better with my photography skills. LOL. Plus it's an activity that puts my mind off some really nasty events in my life. Anyway, less of that and more of photos!

NOTE: For the mechanics of the #FMSphotoaday Challenge, you may visit this POST

As you can see, I have a photo of my everyday companion - my Technomarine watch. It's almost like I can't leave the house without it. It has become a sort of an extension of myself. "T" is also for TIME - which we have either a lot of or too less of. Depends on how you manage it though :) Click "Read More" to see all photos :) GO!
Day Nine - PAPER
Here's a photo of a paper boat made out of some scrap gift wrappers I have at home. I miss the holidays. Why did it have to go so soon? :( It's an origami and aside from paper planes and puppets, it's all I know. LOL

I chose to take a photo of something I did at 1:00 PM just because I don't stay up that late in the evening to take a photo of 1am. Anyway, I just did the usual thing - WORK :)

Day Eleven - WATER
I added an extra effect on this photo. It's basically a wine glass with water. Clever huh? Uhm, okay. Not so much. FACT: I hardly drink water. I can't even finish 3 glasses in a day :( I know, I should learn to drink at least 8 glasses. Yeah, someday.

Day Twelve - SURPRISE
Surprised to see yet again another photo of my dog? Well, that's because she surprised me by nibbling on that fabric bracelet Jannie gave me :( Bad pooch! Fortunately, I was able to retrieve it from her but I just gotta take a photo first! LOL

Day Thirteen - CIRCLE
That is actually my sister's cute baroque-inspired table mirror that her friend gave her for Christmas. Since we sleep in the same room, I basically get to use it too. Awesome gold detail, right?

 I just used that lotion this morning. Thanks to Flawless Beauty for sending me one of my fave lotions - Alpha Arbutin which I reviewed several months ago. Actually, its only the bottle that's yellow; the actual product isn't. I just love the vanilla scent of this lotion! :) Yum!

That's it for my Week Two. If you wanna see all the photos for the first week, just visit my WEEK ONE post =) That's all for today ~.~


  1. Yes! We both survived the 2nd week! 2 more weeks, we can do this!

  2. wow great photo a day challenge! i might try this also soon! love the baroque inspired mirror! and drink of water dear its for you! I drink 2 litres of mineral water haha a huge one lah. Don't know if that's enough and how many glasses in 2 litres. hehe xx

  3. Great photo challenge! I'm tempted to join too but I'll probably be too busy to take photos properly. Most days, I just want to crawl into bed and sleep! hehehe Hope things are better, Kai! Cheer up, gorgeous! :)

  4. Kaya pala madami nagpopost ng photo this week dahil sa photo challenge na yan :D Anyway, ang cute nung dog and yung color ng lappy mo sis :)


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