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Friday, January 11, 2013
Do you notice how the weather changes abruptly? The first second it's sunny and everything is wonderful, the next minute, it's already raining and the temp's starting to decrease. That's how unpredictable the weather is now especially in our country. For these days, I think I'll need some fashionable sweaters. I found some lovely sweaters over Clothingloves - I love that they have a huge selection of dresses, blouses, outerwear  skirts and men's wear too. Plus the prices are very much affordable too :)

I also did a collage of other Clothingloves items that you can mix and match with your sweaters :) They can all be found on the site or on their wholesale ladies clothing page. Have fun dressing up dear!

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  1. cute clothes! But I can't seem to get to the site? :/ It says it's not available.


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