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Tuesday, February 12, 2013
tungsten accessories for men and women
Hello Monday! I do hope you all are having a great day. I had been talking non-stop about clothing on my blog so for now, I'd want to talk more about one of the things that women also love and that would be accessories! Do you agree with me that these things can make or break your outfit? Thus it is important that we ladies know how to use it to our advantage - that means to match it with our looks effectively and get that desired magic and spark to our overall look. 

We've seen all the trends from the runway and even in the stores/malls - gold and silver necklaces, gem encrusted bangles, plastic cuffs and etc. Whatever it is, it is always nice and advantageous to have your own statement in wearing accessories - for you to stand out in the crowd of accessory trends. 

Not everyone has ventured into wearing,let's say for instance, accessories made of tungsten. looking back, it is actually the first time that I've heard of it. I've learned though that men have been wearing accessories made of tungsten for some time now - for their rings, money clips and etc. But do you know that women can now rock this kind of material? We've seen accessories made out of other metals but tungsten is not to be ignored since it has a high gloss mirror finish like most metals but it's more versatile because it can also have a numerous duller styles.

Now, being unique among the sea of trends isn't that difficult anymore, you can always throw in a few tungsten rings and bracelets from into your outfit of choice and then you're all set for the day/night. Aside from good quality you get stylish options too - if you;re going for a more feminine vibe, you can go with tungsten chain-link bracelets that have cutesy charms, for an edgier look, you can go with stacked bracelets or thicker bracelets in dark colors in a duller finish. You see, you get a lot of options in creating a unique fashion statement when it comes to accessories so make sure to make the most out of it and make the inner you shine!

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  1. I'm in love with that rose gold heart bangle in the upper left hand corner. Must have! Found it on their site here.

  2. No one can go wrong with these simple but awesome accessory :) It can make your whole outfit a lot better. Made me look at their collections :D

  3. Accessories do make our overall look shine from the simplest getup to a more glamorous one, Accessorizing is indeed the drama in fashion. :)


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