Wednesday, February 06, 2013
gift ideas for her for women

I'm so thankful to have really good friends around me. The photo you see up there are the gifts they gave me last Saturday which was my birthday. HAHA :D I just decided to share them with you. 
The red shirt is a gift from Councilor Gerky - I just love the print which says "Mas Alegre na Zamboanga". The three boyleg underwear are from Lei, the colar necklace from Yuri and the pairs of footwear are from Daddy JJ and Yuri. There is a funny story to those pairs of footwear because the first one they gave me was the purple rubber slippers. They thought that I wouldn't like it or I would be disappointed with the gift. But I wasn't! I was just super delighted that they had a gift for me. Later on, while they were halfway through dinner, they said that it wasn't the reaction they wanted from me because they prepared another gift for me which was the real one - the black flats! HAHAHA =) I guess their plan backfired. I was even more delighted to see the flats. Isn't it lovely?

Thank you so much guys for the lovely gifts! In all honesty, I really wasn't expecting them. I guess I got used to the idea of me giving gifts rather than receiving. It feels good to receive too once in a while and be surprised :)

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  1. HAHAHAH The purple 'pangbanyo' slippers. Ampanget kaya! ShuShi pa. LOL


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