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Monday, February 18, 2013

//Top & Earrings from Wear Me Fashion Online Store//
//RedHead Blazer from SM GTW//
//Bandage skirt from Fashion Infinity//
//Black Cylinder Boots from Mart of China//
//Necklace & Spike Bracelet from GQ by Pink Closet//

Here's to another busy week! Hooray Monday =) I felt like I've been out of the office for weeks. I guess that's what a slow weekend does to you. I'm energized for the whole week and I feel super happy about it. As you can see, I have posted yet again another look I came up with last Valentines Day. HAHA! Sorry for this late post but I got a bit caught up on the post-processing of this photos. We actually had a shooting for the tv show that day and so Vday wasn't much of a big deal. In fact, I don't celebrate it. HAHA. 

I'm definitely loving the color of the top because I usually don't buy tops in that color; I was actually delighted when I received that top because I realized how mustard is indeed a great color. I paired it with a body hugging skirt from Fashion Infinity - and you guys must know this - the skirt is of great quality, it is comfy and stretchable and has an inner lining which is totally a plus points for me! To further add a dash of color, I brought out this gorgeous necklace from GQ. As you can see, it can spice up any plain and boring outfit with the its colors, agree? To tie the look all together, I used my black boots and blazer. :) 

I dunno why but I feel like I wont be dressing up that much this week. Yuri and I went to thrift stores yesterday and I found a lot of pieces that would look great on me for less! I'm all about comfort these days, so I'd stick to my long-sleeved tops and skirts. :) 

PS. The winner of my CHICNOVA $30 Coupon Giveaway is none other than. . . 

Dovi Amor Cornillez Sabong

Congratulations Dovi! The Chicnova Team will contact you for the prize :)) 
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  1. I like the overall outfit, but I'm especially smitten by your skirt! Cute!

  2. The mustard top really went well with your fine complexion.

  3. I like your skirt! I think that would work for my body type, too! Great outfit all in all. (Rizza)

  4. Love your skirt here sis. So HIPPY and STYLISH.

  5. the dress really perfect for you

  6. WOWH?! Congrats Ate Dovi, Kung sino ka man, / You're such a lucky winner, I like the Giveaway! I think you deserve it, Kaya napili ka ni Ate Kai! Congrats again. :) Enjoy...

  7. I love your earrings and how you carry your dress!

  8. Those printed skirt are in this year. It looks lovely on you. :)

  9. Simply gorgeous. I like your boots.

  10. i guess the sixth photos looks wonderful. the one you're sitting and halfside smiling. You look fresh there i guess its you're smile dear! xx

  11. i love mustard colors! and i like your boots!

  12. Nice! Speechless with your outfit and looks. :)


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