My BDAY Dinner

Tuesday, February 05, 2013
Great Tuesday, isn't it lovelies? I'm a bit cheerful today and I want to spread it to the entire world - crossing my finger that it makes the world a better place to live in. Life would be easier and much joyful, if everyone was a little cheerful, ya know. It must be the birthday dinner that we had last Saturday where I turned 23. Which reminds me, I have to show you some photos! :) Also, know more about my bday outfit HERE

Me and my beautiful  & handsome cousins.
My Tito and Titas along with me , mom and dad. 
Mommy and my sister, Kaye
SUPERFRIENDS! Yuri, JJ, Joelo, Me, Lei & Ney
Me and the BOYFIE :D
I decided to celebrate my birthday with a family dinner (with the inclusion of my "other family" - the SUPERFRIENDS) at BARCODE Rizal which is indeed a perfect family restaurant. We had our reservations at that place and the food was perfectly sumptuous! Thanks Sir Noel Tatel for the awesome accommodation and service from your staff. It was time well-spent with the family because we enjoyed it a lot - and take note, Sir Noel even gave us 10 complimentary halo-halo - I wished my Bday happened everyday! HAHAHA =) 

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  1. time well spent nga! :) Im turning 23 this year too. gosh nakakapressure na!

    1. Yes! Naks!:)) Hope you have a blast on your bday too!

  2. i like that yellow dress of yours kai

  3. Is that a maxi dress? :) Happy Birthday! :D

  4. Happy 23rd Birthday Ms. Karen! Godspeed! <3


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