Oh You Delightful Things

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Oh Wednesday, I find you a bit slow. I can't wait to get out and enjoy a little sunshine but seeing that I'll be off by 6pm defeats the purpose. But lately, I've been wanting to go home early for a certain reason - I keep seeing packages on my bed. No, they don't appear there magically even if it's Christmas. HAHA <3 I would love to share with you guys what I've been mostly happy about these days (I'm happy about a lot of things, just so you know. HAHA!)

First off, I shall show you some clothes that managed to share some space in my dresser. As you can see, numbers ONE & THREE are from Fashion Infinity. Miss Rhona sent me those as a birthday gift and as soon as saw it, I tried them on. The skirt and the top fit perfectly well - so excited to wear it! Next , number TWO is a mustard top from Wear Me Fashion Online Store. I shall talk more about the shop soon :) Lastly, number FOUR is a new clutch from one of my sponsors, Hued Bags  I shall wear it soon, I'm saving it up for a nice outfit. By the way, they're having an online sale so be sure to check that out! 

This lovely pair of earrings also came from Wear Me. Don't you think that the design is gorgeous? I love the glitter design on it. Next, we have here just one of the many necklaces that GQ by Pink Closet sent me :) I totally love this necklace among all others because of it's whimsical and delicate design :)) I feel like royalty while wearing it! Of course, who wouldn't remember that bag from  Wholesale-Dress? Its cute lace pattern totally got me that's why I went for it :) 

Now there you have it! If you guys wanna buy the same items up there, feel free to click on their links and see what they have to offer. All stores mentioned are LEGIT and very much accommodating  Disclaimer: All products are provided by the sponsors mentioned however all opinions are my own. 

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  1. I like the accessories!! very dainty and perfect for special dates :) like for valentine's day!!!

  2. Replies
    1. It looks uber cute right? <3 Thanks Mommy Czjai!

  3. Nice set of clothing and accessories you got here. Trendy and stylish! :) .

  4. Love these pretty things! Will surely check out the links. I especially love the earrings! :)

  5. Yay! Rami nyan Kai! You're so blessed talaga! I love the bag! <3

  6. I like the top! Super rami Kai! You're blessed talaga! Yay love the bag too! <3

  7. i love everything!! your very luck to have them all!

  8. wow.. the earrings are so lovely!! :)

  9. Lovely haul! I especially like the necklace best. That snowflake is just so beautiful! :)Belated Happy Birthday Kai!!! :)

  10. really adore those pair of earrings! I am big on ear bling haha. Must be really privilege to receive those wonderful sartorial loots

    belated Happy Birthday to you. Keep the fashion fun!

  11. Love your haul sis! Everything you got was fantabulous! Wish I can acquire more fashionable items soon~ ^^ Anyway, belated happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful time ;)


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