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Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Happy Tuesday dearies! I know how most of you miss my beauty-related posts that’s why today I shall be reviewing new products that I recently tried. Just before Christmas, a package from Miss Lei of Flawless Beauty arrived at our home and I was too eager to receive it. Why? Because not only did she include the new line of product that she developed for her brand but also the ones that I previously reviewed. Isn't it awesome? Thank you Miss Lei! Now on to the review:

Flawless Beauty Online recently launched another must-try addition to their lines of bars and lotions which is aimed at advanced whitening and anti-ageing of the skin to bring you youthful and fair skin. This new line is called “TIMELESS”.

Product Name: Timeless Whitening and Anti-Aging Bar
Ingredients: Kojic Acid, Glutathione, Placenta, Collagen, Ginseng, Swiss Apple Extract
Price: PHP 130.00 || Weight: 150 grams
Available at: Flawless Beauty Online | Flawless Shop, Tawi-Tawi

 First of all, I would like to point out that I really love the color of this bar soap – obviously you can see that it’s PINK. Next, I must give props to FB for the improvement in product packaging. The soap is packed using a really sturdy plastic wrap which isn't easily punctured.  Plus points as well for the labeling because it has all the info you need – lovely color palette used.

The soap is quite thick which means it’ll last for quite a while. Upon un-wrapping the soap, a very mild but fragrant scent filled my nostrils, reminiscent of floral scents which I prefer. During the usage, I noticed that it really works up a good lather so you don’t have to try so hard lathering it up. The soap does not soften at once but remember it’s also up to the person using to extend the soap’s life. HAHA. I usually place it on top of a sponge so that it won’t melt easily. After drying myself, I notice a slight peeling effect on my skin. You see I also use it to wash my face and it’s not drying on my skin – it feels soft and smooth instead.

As for the long-term effects, I can’t totally vouch for that since I have to use it more often to see changes in my skin color. I don’t have wrinkles either. I’ll provide an update though if there are visible changes/effects.  All in all, using this soap has made me experience a satisfying bath J

Product Name: Timeless Whitening and Anti-Aging Lotion
Ingredients: Kojic Acid, Glutathione, Placenta, Collagen, Ginseng, Swiss Apple Extract
Price: PHP 230.00 || Contents: 120 ml
Available at: Flawless Beauty Online | Flawless Shop, Tawi-Tawi

This product is another inclusion to the Timeless Line along with the bar. For maximum effects, you use both of the products. Again, I really like the chic packaging/labeling of the product. The pump is very convenient to use and since it’s transparent, it’ll allow you to see how much product you’ve used over the course of the week. And for those who want to try first, this smaller version will suit you. Because if you decide it’s the lotion for you, then you can move on to buying the bigger-sized ones.

May I remind you that the lotion smells similarly with the bar since they belong under one line. This allows you to be consistent in terms of your scent throughout the day. The lotion itself is opaque and very creamy. The color also coincides with the labeling – pink for the bar and pastel purple for the lotion. Once applied, your skin achieves instant whitening, it sorts of acts as a foundation, but don’t worry, you just have to spread it well so it doesn’t look bad. However, compared with the Alpha Arbutin lotion I reviewed, this once seems to be a little drying on the skin. A little goes a long way for this baby though 

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  2. I think it was right to use the color pink because everyone love that color. :) And placing the soap on top of the sponge is a great idea! :D will try that :D

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