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Friday, March 29, 2013
Beautiful day, loves! Today I’m going to do a very short update for this blog I’ve got to run some errands today so I’ll make this quick. I’ve got up there a couple of beauty products that I’ve been donning to work every day. So basically, I tend to bring a lot of things with me but for make-up, I can make do with all those ten down here except when have shootings which falls on a Saturday. Shall I give you a tour? 

ONE. ELF Foundation in Light. I am obsessed with this foundation powder because it matches my skin tone and fights off oil so my face looks oil-free, smooth and matte :D I use this to set my cream foundation/concealer too. 

TWO. Ben Nye Cover All Wheel in Sk-1. I’ve been using it eversince I got this baby. For more info, read my review J I use it to cover my eye bags. HAHA 

THREE. Sansan Blusher in Honey Peach. Awesome color and adds that much needed color on my cheeks. No, it’s not rosy but it looks more boho. It’s matte too so I love it :)

FOUR. Party Queen Gel Liner in Black. I actually don’t use this everyday but I just feel more confident if I bring it with me for emergency situations – like when I have to go somewhere after work. Review coming soon! 

FIVE. Party Queen Matte&Creamy Lippie. Just like the liner, I don’t use it everyday. It just depends on my mood. Read my review here. 

SIX. Powder Brush. This is my trusty and cute powder brush which I use for my ELF Foundation and blusher. So I clean it almost every day since I use it for two purposes. 

SEVEN. Liner Brush. This actually came with the Party Queen Gel Liner so it’s just fitting that I bring it with me too. 

EIGHT. Sansan LipGloss in 02. It’s a really red vampy color which I love especially when I feel gutsy or confident. Haha. It’s more of a lippie and gloss in one because of its super rich color. 

NINE. Sansan Age Defying Lippie in 03. When I’m not feeling too vampy or gutsy, I just apply this lippie on top of the lipgloss for a more muted color. It smells really good too! 

TEN. Snoe Parallel Pigments. I won this as a prize from Carizza’s giveaway and I've been using this to brighten up my peepers or as eye primer. This baby smells really really good! 

Now that’s done! This wasn’t very quick at all. HAHAHA! My make-up kit changes its contents every month depending on new products that I buy or discover or are gifted so I might do this kind of post monthly. Would you like to try the products I mentioned? Which ones would you like to try? 

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