Happy First, kaigrafia.com!

Friday, March 01, 2013
It's officially the month of MARCH! And do you guys know what that means for my blog? Well, my blog just turned ONE today! So hurrrrrray!!! As you probably have noticed, I'm ending all my sentences with exclamation points just to emphasize how happy and excited I am to reach one year in the blogging world. It's almost like having my first ever giveaway, first lippie, first pair of boots and so on and so forth - it makes me feel giddy inside! Hahaha! 

Pastels and Floral 

Walking down memory lane, I started blogging because I was inspired to have an online diary of sorts to document my fashion choices and to have blogger friends too. I remember struggling with my blog layout, with topics I wanna talk about on my posts, on my photos - I used to think that everything should be perfect. But then I said to myself, I'm not here to please anybody but myself so I went cray-cray with ideas and what-nots. And guess what? I feel more relaxed in blogging now than I have ever been before - I always make it a point that I enjoy what I'm doing and that I'm not just forcing myself to blog. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think I'll ever stop blogging but the future isn't mine to reveal or to unfold. We'll see in the near future how this thing goes with my ever-changing mood. Thank you so much to all the readers who keep visiting my blog. I feel indebted to you for the support and love you've been showering my blog for the past year - for joining my giveaways religiously and for leaving comments - I sincerely appreciate all of that. I am also working hard at replying to your comments so I hope you do appreciate that also. Of course, I am thankful to all my sponsors who supported me throughout the year. Thank you so much because you trusted me to endorse/feature your products =) 

My lovely friends (bloggers, non-bloggers) exerted effort in sending me their fan-sign/greetings for my 1st ever Blogversary! I'm so happy with these big time :) Thank you so much everyone! I love all of you :) 

Vez Dehm of mymediabro.com
They're just some of my friends who sent in their photos. There will be more to come, hopefully. To my readers out there who want to send in their fan-signs/greetings I would love to post them on my blog for the whole duration of March. This is just a little way of showing you how I value and appreciate you guys =) Please send them to karenclairegrafia@gmail.com - do by the way include your full name and blog url if you have one so I can include them in the credits! Thanks and I'm looking forward to it: 3 

As a my way of saying thank you, I have an awesome giveaway lined up for you! :) Kindly click the link below to join: 
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  1. Happy first Kaigrafia ;)
    Keep on blogging! <3

    - found you on GIG!


  2. Hey hon, just wanted to show you some GIG love :) I followed you on GFC, bloglovin, pinterest, Google+, facebook and twitter phew lol
    Welcome to our lovely group
    Angela x


    Saint Andrew's Street, Our Lady's Village Phase II, Buraguis, Legazpi City, Albay 4500

    Happy First Anniversary to your blog Miss Kai!,.

  4. Happy 1st Anniversary Kaigrafia.com! ^____^
    Godbless! <3

  5. Congrats young gal. Many love your blog as seen from your friends photos. Keep your posts coming.

  6. Happy one year sis and more years to go!!!!

  7. Happy Blog anniversary Kai! I'm sure your blogs has inspired countless of readers to be in touch with fashion.

  8. Happy first anniv, sis! More power to your blog! More outfits to come! Yay! (Rizza)

  9. Hi sis! I'm not sure if pumasok un comment ko. Nonetheless (and for the second time haha!), happy anniversary to your blog!! I'm looking forward to more fun outfit posts in the future!

  10. Congrats again, and we may know what are your blog plans for the year.

  11. happy one year dear!! you looking good there! love those fan signs too!

  12. Happy Anniv!!! You've great taste and we're glad you're sharing your passion to us!

  13. wow!!.. congrat's dear!! keep the fire burning. :>

  14. congrats to you sis! i thought you are already old when it comes to blogging. bata pa pala. katulad ko hmmmm.. anyways congratz!

  15. more years of blogging for you.. happy anniversary!

  16. Congrats! Happy 1st year for your blog!

  17. Happy ONE! :) keep it up

  18. Happy ONE! more power! :)


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