Hey Big Suspenders!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

//Printed Polo Top with Studded Collar from Wear Me Fashion Online//
//Forever21 Denim Skater Skirt with Lace Details from Ahaishopping//
//Hello Kitty Glasses from The Style Machine//
//Black Cylinder Boots from Mart of China//
//White Suspenders bought from Funk Berry//

I already posted one photo from this set on my Facebook just because I think it's DP/PP-worthy. HAHA :) Anyway, I just wanted to come up with a look that's preppy and the same time still ME. So glad that the top really looks good - don't you just love the studs on the collar? I didn't have to wear any accessories because the top spoke for the whole outfit already. I've been wanting to join in the skater skirt bandwagon for the longest time now but I guess the skirt I have is hardly "skater"but anyway, who cares? I love the lace trim on the hem and that's what matters. By the way, say hello AGAIN to my black boots! <3 And can't you beleive that bag is from a thrift store? It looks so neat! 

I'm also so glad that my sister agreed to take the shots, like I said in my previous posts, she's always going out ahead of me so it was a happy day. :) Oh, on other news, Sugar-Rush is having this huge SALE! <3 All tops and bottoms are 3 for 899 plus FREE shipping nationwide! Hope you can check it out by clicking the photo below: 

Sugar-Rush Sale Clothing Philippines


  1. You look a bit geeky and still really pretty in here. You can really go on a variety of looks.

  2. Nerd chic! I love it! :)

  3. little different but cool look.nice.

  4. Soooo cute! Mega like ako sa DP mo in your Facebook account when your posted one of these photos there :)

  5. Hey you're so cute! Never thought about that girls can use suspender also, I thought it's just for the men only. But you carry it so well! nice.

  6. omg! so amaze and cutie look! my sister got the same sunglasses your look this look looks vry different to me and i m glad you pull it off very easy! xx

  7. Chic! I love your smile as well as your outfit. It gives you a very white Aura . Attractive :>

  8. oh why, you are so cute and preppy kai! :D

  9. I super love the outfit. Bagay sayo kasi you're so pretty. :)


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