In The Absence of Light

Thursday, March 14, 2013

//Black Debolina Peplum Dress from Motel Rocks//
//Necklace & Bracelet from Pulseras by Pam//
//Anjali 3-Way Bag from Nyai Indonesia//
//Heels bought from Modernosense//
//Rosette Hairbow from Sugar-Rush//

I seldom use black bodicon dresses for events because I feel like black is an effective slimming color and I didn't need that effect. If any, I need something that'll make me look more healthy or plump. However with the peplum design of this dress, my hips look more prominent and obvious so I guess it's still a plus :) Curvy women might benefit more from these kinds of dress so I suggest you check out Motel Rocks. I just have to be careful with sizing though :( The dress I got was a size smaller  for me. I should have gotten an S instead of XS. Oh well. :D 

But because just all black is boring, I decided to add in some super colorful accessories from Pulseras by Pam and finished it up with color-block heels and my Anjali Bag from Nyai Indonesia! Now, I have to tell you more about this bag because it is simply amazing :) as I have indicated in the credits, this bag can be used in three very convenient ways - as a messenger bag, a handbag and a shoulder bag! The materials used for the bag is of high quality and the fabric used is from Indonesia. They are available in different designs and colors. Please visit Nyai Indonesia on Facebook :)

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  1. Amazing dress! <3 Lovely outfit, I also like the necklace - puts in a pop of color!

  2. Black makes you look elegant and classy Kai and also highlights your slim figure.

  3. cool dresses,you looks so perfect in this dresses

  4. cute!! Have a great day!! :)

  5. Very classy and elegant with a pop of colors. Just gorgeous! :)


  6. omg! Kai! I can remember audrey hepburn while looking at your photos! very nice figure!!

  7. Love your outfit sis! :)

  8. Just before I reached the bottom of your post, I knew that bag is made for multiple purposes! I love it like yeahhh! (;

  9. Simple yet elegant! The dress fits you well.

  10. I agree with Mary. hepburn na hepburn ung dating ng dress nato sakin! Love it. You look super glam with that dress! <3



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