Monday, March 25, 2013
fashion and beauty haul
These past few days were heaven for me. I did get a lot of things not only from my sponsors but also from my very good friends ♥ I feel so blessed to have generous people around me – one day, I’ll be able to repay them as well. For this month, I’m going to show you my little March Haul Part 1. 

black dresses red floral dress from justg
 Who hates clothes? Count me out. I get this giddy feeling every time I get new additions to my closet, more so if they’re gifts from friends and loved ones. The first one is a black lace dress from Ahaishopping and the JustG red floral dress is from Ate Shermay Canlas. She also sent me the Etude House goodies that are on the first photo! So much ♥ Thank you so much ate! She’s a certified fashionista and cutie – follow her on IG: @iamwithyoubabe

bath and body works lotion body mist scented candle
Next, I received these awesome Bath & Body Works products from our boss during his trip to the US. I just love how generous he is to all his employees. Inside a cute pink bag were a lotion and body mist in Sweet Pea which is my favorite scent plus a scented candle in Palm Beach Cooler which smells mostly of grapefruit! Yummy scents! Moving on, since I’m mostly crazy about nails these days, I also got this African Violet Nail Polish from Chic plus my fave nail polish remover from Bobbie! I recommend this because it’s affordable, has a pleasant scent and removes polish fast without leaving any white film on your nails. 

Nautical stripes tank top for summer

And because Summer is just around the corner (how cliché can I get? Hahaha), I decided to buy some colorful tank tops! They’re all from a local store and they’re very comfy – perfect for the very humid weather we have now. I’m also into the nautical trend so you’ll see more stripes in there. 

Tankini Swimwear Sassa Aztec Design bustier

I can totally see myself and my friends going to the beaches/resorts this summer, so I went on to buy a Sassa Tankini! When I saw the style and print/color of this tankini, I decided to buy it right away  it can also be used as a top over a bandage/skater skirt – great steal! 

Like I said, it’s just a small haul of fashion items but I’m going to do another post for the part 2 of my haul. So far so good! What fashionable items are you raring to buy for yourself this summer?

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  1. This is a great haul!!(^^) I really like the Etude House products and the Bath & Body Works products!!(n__n) Enjoy them very much!!(/^▽^)/
    Greeting from nyan dany´s blog!♥


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