Speaking for LEAD Forum Year 2

Monday, March 11, 2013
LEAD Forum STI College Zamboanga

Like I said on my Friday post, I was invited by STI College Zamboanga to become one of their speakers in the annual LEAD Forum. The forum was held at the Zamboanga City Coliseum and it went on for the whole day. There were more than five High Schools that attended the event. On its second year, LEAD aims to inspire more students (particularly those in their secondary level) to become achievers and leaders in the fields that they will choose come College. With this, they prepared several meaty talks/discussions on about this theme: My Voice, My Future, A shout-out for a better Zamboanga. The topic that was given to me as one that hits close to home – Social Media: Speaking out your Passion & Earn. In this case, I gave a talk about how my passion (which is blogging about Fashion&Beauty) became a means for me to perfect it and eventually earn from it. I had a really wonderful time talking about the subject at hand because it was one that I already experienced. Although I do not claim to be an expert in the field, it was still something that I can talk passionately about. 

LEAD Forum STI College Zamboanga
LEAD Forum STI College Zamboanga
LEAD Forum STI College Zamboanga kai grafia
LEAD Forum STI College Zamboanga
students from high school

Overall, the event was a success along with the sponsors who also collaborate with the organizers. I was pretty happy because thru the forum, a lot of students came home with their not-so-distant future in mind. 

Kpop sensation kpop artist

I actually was totally hesitant to take the opportunity but then after thinking about it, I said to myself “why not?”. It was such a huge honor for me to be invited and I should never turn down opportunities like this to inspire the young generation of today. I felt fulfilled and satisfied after I gave the talk and I thank God for giving me this blessing so I can share to others about what I know in the hopes that they may apply it as well. 

LEAD Forum STI College Zamboanga

My gratitude goes out to STI College Zamboanga! I’m hoping that there will be more LEAD Forums to come and that more students will get inspired:)

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  1. wow those are lotsa people there! its been a long time since I experienced like this but not so many people haha. You look great there! Love your dress! Congrats to the winners! xx

  2. nice one, kai! the fact that they invited you to speak for them means they look up to you :) keep it up!

  3. Congrats, at least you have accomplished something. You look great during the forum.

  4. I'm sure they were able to learn a lot from you during your talk on social media.

  5. Such a great honor, indeed! And I'm pretty sure the audience learned a lot from you as well. :)

  6. you looks gorgeous in those photo dear,very nice.

  7. you looks so gogeous in those photoes,very nice.dear.

  8. This must be a great milestone for you Kai! It must be a very cool & rewarding experience speaking in behalf of your other netizens who does the same. Back in high school, I hate listening to guest speakers who gives speech -- because it's not my interest. Now I wonder, if ever I'll be giving a speech at this age who personally hates listening to speakers back then, how challenging can it be for me to catch their attention as I stand & talk in front of them.

    Bet you're very good in giving public speech! Wish there'll be more to come (;


  9. You've gone a very long way Kai!

    You're already being invited by many people to share about your blogging passion.

    I know in one way or another you were able to touch and inspire many people in that forum.

    Proud of you!

    Best regards,


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