Tutorial: Something Sweet Nail Art

Friday, March 15, 2013
Nail Art Tutorial

It’s not Valentines Day, of course. But because I’ve always wanted to do a sweet and romantic nail art, I used hearts as the focal point of the whole design. It’s very easy to do and it doesn’t require too much materials or skill. You can definitely change the colors if you want. I used red and tea rose because the colors look very cute and romantic together! The red heart really shows when used on a light backdrop. This nail art looks perfect on a date with someone special :)

  • HBC Nail Polish in Red & Tea Rose 
  • Sticker Paper or Scotch Tape 
  • Scissors 

[1] Apply your preferred nail polish to be used as base. For this one I used Tea Rose. Let it dry completely.

[2] Take a small piece of sticker paper and fold it in half. Cut a heart shape. Now you have the heart stencil. Adjust the size so that it’ll fit your nail.

[3] Peel off the sticky part and lay it on the finger nail. Proceed to applying nail polish #2 (Red). Allow to dry completely.

[4] Take off the sticker paper carefully. Finish off your nail art with two coats of colorless nail polish!

nail tutorial hearts

Easy peasy right? If you tried this out please let me know by sending me a photo or tagging me on Twitter, and Instagram [both @kaigrafia] or Facebook! I’d love to see how it turned out. More tutorials to come ladies! 

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  1. such a cute nail art.sana pwede rin sa real men like me. LOL

  2. michelle phan did this tutorial on youtube?


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