Aztec, Stripes and Pops of Color

Monday, April 29, 2013
Hello ladies and gents! It's been a really tough weekend because I had to go through so much work with the TV show, that is, and right now I feel a little bit of worn out and tired. Not to mention that this bipolar weather is really getting into my nerves lately. However, I can still find little things in life to be grateful for - like being able to wake up from a nice dream, being able to see my family and friends alive and breathing and lots of other small miracles that we fail to thank God for everyday of our lives. ~

This set of photos that you're about to see is a sample of what we call a back log. Haha! I think my sister took these shots more than two weeks ago. I just never got to posting it on my blog because of some priority posts. Nevertheless, it finally made its way on to my blog. Hahaha ^-^ This outfit is very simple, casual and has pops of color here and there which brightens up the entire look. Details enumerated below.

simple and casual outfit for women
simple and casual outfit for women
neon tote bags for women
khaki lace up oxfords for women
simple and casual outfit for women
simple and casual outfit for women

//Redhead Hot Pink Blazer from SM GTW//
//Striped Dress from local store//
//Beaded necklaces from Sugar-Rush//
//Natalie Aztec Tote Bag from Hued Bags//
//Khaki Lace up Oxfords from DCG Fashion//

Moving on, I have good news for Youtube subscribers! Romwe is having a giveaway on Youtube where you can win awesome prizes from them =) Check out the poster!

Romwe giveaway on Youtube
5 winners/day from 26th April to 3rd May! :)


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  2. I love the bag sis! Perfect for summer yung color. And those shoes! I wonder if I can pull it off if I wear something like that...

  3. the dress is so bang on the trend but I like most your coral pink blazer! I have been dying to get one. I saw previously at Forever 21 but they ran out of my size....sigh.

    I will follow you on lookbook

  4. Loving this outfit, sis Kai! :) The pink really pops in the striped dress, and I love your oxfords too!

  5. nice kai! its been awhile since ive seen oxford shoes on fashion blogs! so refreshing to see :D

  6. Hello, gorgeous. I love the necklace. Such a playful addition to the ensemble.


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