Carrie Bradshaw wears Modcloth

Thursday, April 04, 2013
Carrie wearing Up in the Tee Tops, 37.99USD
Are you a fan of the Carrie Diaries? I'm sure Carrie has a lot of fans here in the Philippines too just because she's super fashionable. Carrie Bradshaw has always been known for her great sense of fashion and this week on The Carrie Diaries is no different. At the beginning of episode 112: "A First Time for Everything" Carrie can be seen sporting the Up in the Tee Tops from ModCloth. A boldly patterned peplum top featuring a green tree atop a pattern of red, coral, and azure, Carrie could definitely use the calming effect this top can have after an interesting exchange with her boyfriend. Grab this fantastic frock today at ModCloth!

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