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Wednesday, April 24, 2013
how to wear blazers

Spent almost the entire day at Church last Sunday and I'm so glad I did :) Here are a few outtakes of the totally impromptu mini-shoot we had after the Youth Hour. As usual, my sister, Kei, took the photos. As you probably know by now, the title of the post is literal. That area is just right outside our church.

how to pose for photos
how to pose for photos
Philippine Models poses
nature and fashion

It has always been my dream to find a place with tall grasses that look so dramatic in photos. Although this might not be the perfect place, it's a start. I just feel so calm while looking at these photos. Maybe there's something about the grass or nature that calls to me - it feels so serene. It might be because of the city life and exposure to everything that's modern - it makes me long for that perfect, tranquil, happy place.

As you can see, I am wearing a floral printed skirt and my trusty hot pink blazer which matches the print on the skirt. I'm lovin' the scenery with all the tall grasses and distant mountain tops! <3 So cool. Right now, I'm actually busy with writing future blog posts because I feel that I'll be busy in the days to come. I just don't want to leave this blog outdated, you know. There's a lot to be said and posted. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this post. <3 Have a lovely day, angels!

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