Friday, April 12, 2013
Summer Peace Festival 2013
Last Saturday, April 6, I had a chance to attend the press conference for a collaborative festival to be held here in Zamboanga City and it is dubbed as the "Summer Peace Festival 2013" or SPF13. Media outfits were invited to have a tour around the food fair held at La Vista del Mar followed by the Presscon which started at 3pm where Marco Lobregat, head of the event, introduced us to the objectives of SPF13, what to expect during the festival and how this can help the good people of Mindanao. 

The event is spearheaded by Good Karma Productions, Muni Productions and Ministry of Mushrooms, Inc. (a group of young individuals with roots in Mindanao) and aims to change the perception of of the region and support efforts to foster peace. Peace has remained elusive in Mindanao. For decades, repeated appeals and numerous efforts to bring peace to the region have yielded little results. With war, violence and corruption dominating coverage about Mindanao in the mainstream media, it is no wonder the island is off-limits to the average Filipino. 

In connection to this, they will be conducting the second leg of SPF here in Zamboanga City which is dubbed as Paz Musica del Mar from April 29-May 1. 

PAZ: This word for peace still lives on today in Zamboanga through their chosen tongue, Chavacano. 
MUSICA DEL MAR: Tausugs, Yakans, Badjaos, Samals, and Subanens are the ethnic tribes that first called Zamboanga’s shores home and have played a pivotal role in Southern Mindanao since early-recorded history. They thrived through the Galleon Trade, and their art, culture and language lived on amid a modern-day setting. The strong Spanish influence can still be seen from Zamboanga’s food, dialect and songs in Chavacano. As waves calm the sand that surrounds the peninsula and its neighboring islands, its people’s voices come together as one to make music celebrating the sea that has brought them together. 

SPF13 PAZ Musica del Mar wishes to promote lasting peace in Zamboanga City through the shared experience of food awareness, art, music, yoga, water sports, environmental rehabilitation and alternatives to improving the Filipino’s way of life. 

Ministry of Mushrooms is setting up a Summer Food Fair and Weekend Market at Vista del Mar resort, where seven of the country’s most progressive chefs will partner with some of Zamboanga’s most well-known food establishments and educational institutions to come up with special dishes and food products to be showcased at the food fair and concert. 

The collaborations involve chefs Gene and Gino Gonzales of Café Isabel with Vista del Mar Resort; chef Him Uy de Baron of Nomama Artisanal Ramen with Hacienda Palmeras; chef Ed Bugia of Pino Group of Restaurants with Zamboanga State College for Marine Science and Technology; vegan chef Marie Gonzales of Kitchen Revolution with Garden Orchid Hotel; chef Jam Melchor of Villa Café with Kape Zambo; sous chef Jason Stacy for Red Crab Group with Alavar’s; and Chef Miguel Cordova of Esca’s Garden in Iloilo with Western Mindanao State University. Made possible through the sponsorship of Solane, each partnership creates dishes that fall into the following categories, Zamboangeño Favorites Revisited, New Zamboangeño Favorites, Mucho Mucho Mushrooms, and Superfood Special. 

A two-part episode of the highly rated “Chefscapades” will feature Zamboanga’s culinary heritage over the summer on Lifestyle Network. FOOD magazine will also include mouth-watering recipes and tantalizing food photography in one of its issues. More features and updates will be publicized through media partner ABS-CBN. Surrounding the Summer Food Fair and Weekend Market in Vista del Mar Resort will be a variety of workshops selected and designed to inspire a positive change in all participants. 

Colorful Bracelets Tribal
Wallets from Recycled Materials

The introduction of various styles of yoga to Zamboanga will be made possible through Rebecca de Villa of Stillpoint Yoga Manila (Ashtanga) and Will Tan of Yogi Yoga (Vinyasa) and Gino Scarella of Bikram Greenhills (Bikram). 

Riva Galvez-Tan founder of Natural Shelf will raise food awareness through a lecture on the benefits of organic food found in Mindanao, while sparkleLAB, design studio + toy factory + innovation lab will offer workshops for kids, teens and adults to encourage them to recycle, tinker, create and innovate for a better, greener world. 

Watersports will aim to bring back an appreciation for the sea, whose bounty has nourished Zamboangeños for centuries. 

Participants can look forward to enjoying Zamboanga City’s rich history through guided walking tours of the city. They can ignite their taste buds through a food tour that highlights exotic cuisine and Latin-influenced favorites, bask in the sun on the pink sands of Sta. Cruz Island, and sign up for snorkeling and diving to explore the rich marine sea of Zamboanga’s waters. They can make new friends and have a great time enjoying the city’s bustling nightlife through the Zambar Crawl on April 29. 

Everyone coming together for SPF13 PAZ Musica del Mar is invited to take action towards peace with nature through a clean-up of the coasts of Zamboanga, a collaboration of the LBC Foundation, JCI, SK and I CAN Make A Difference Organization. 

Fantuzzi (New York) / Siri Svegler (Sweden) / Isa Tabasuares & Thomas Walter (Berlin) / Mushproject (Barcelona) / Sinyma (Manila) / Humanfolk (Manila) / Steady Machine (Manila) / Kate Torralba (Cebu) / Nanay Mo (Manila) 

Works by artist Noel Pocot, born in Zamboanga del Sur, will be featured around the Vista del Mar Resort. Images of Pocot’s homeland, culture, colors, flora and people feature heavily in his works. 

Yoga by Yogi Yoga and Stillpoint Yoga Manila; Mushroom Growing by Ministry of Mushrooms; cooking demos, film showing, lectures on food and nutrition by Solane Gas (sponsor), FOOD Magazine (media partner), and other groups; and Water sports (windsurfing, SUP, skim boarding, kite surfing) led by various groups 

Eco-Tour to pink sands of Sta. Cruz island, Guided walking tour of Zamboanga City, Food tourism, bar crawl, coastal clean-up, snorkeling and diving 

TICKET SALES: Feb 18 to March 1 (P 500), March 2 to April 1 (P 750), April 2 to April 26 (P 1,000) 
*Tickets bought in Zamboanga before April 28 cost P500 

PAZ WEBSITE: http://pazmusicadelmar.lunamusikafest.com/ 
SPF13 INSTAGRAM: @SPF13festival 
For any questions, more information and concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch with their Media relations officer Megan Mendoza at 09178328968 or meg.mndza@gmail.com


  1. Seems like a great event Kai! :)
    Hope to meet you someday when I go there. Normally I just visit Davao for work but, well ... who knows! :)

    I'm your newest follower, #1035 on GFC. Maybe we can follow each other too. Happy weekend!

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    1. Thank you Chai! <3 Hope you can come to Zamboanga soon too!


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