REVIEW: Flawless Beauty Arbutin Whitening Body Creme Scrub

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

 Did you always wish to have white and even skin tone? I guess in this time and age, women are mostly conscious about having flawless white skin – and I don’t blame women for wanting it, I myself wish for it too. What’s so bad about that anyway? Thank God for Flawless Beauty. Just last month, I received a very wonderful and welcome surprise from Miss Lei. She sent me one of the newest additions to her line of products, the Alpha Arbutin Body Scrub. Now, Alpha Arbutin isn't new to me anymore since I already tried their lotion and soap. But it’s a good thing that they came up with a scrub that’s just equally effective as well. 

Ingredients: Alpha Arbutin, Calamansi extract, Green Papaya extract, Oatmeal,
 Goat's milk, Honey, Imported sea beads.
Price: PHP300 | Net Weight: 300 grams

First off, the packaging is really neat and I like that they placed it inside the tub because it’s much easier to scoop out the product. And since it’s a transparent tub, you’ll be able to calculate how much you use daily or if you need to get another one soon. Like the Alpha Arbutin soap and lotion, the scent of this scrub is just as delightful – a yummy vanilla scent that stays on your skin all day long. With this scrub, I always have a pleasant bathing experience. 

It has a very creamy consistency and you can clearly see the oats that function as scrub. It looks good enough to eat, like seriously. I like how it is easy to spread on the skin so you can scrub very well. I like using my hands to scrub because I tried using it with a loofah and it didn't work for me. It’s not at all painful to the skin unlike some scrubs I know of, as a matter of fact, it is gentle on the skin. A little goes a long way for this baby too but I doubt if you're going to be stingy with it because it is soooo addictive you'll want to smother everything on your body. Hahaha!

After rinsing, you’ll definitely feel that your skin is much smoother and softer – it doesn't leave your skin dry! That’s what I really about this scrub – there is that silky feel after you step out of the shower. 

I've been using this product for about more than 2 weeks already and because it isn't advisable to scrub daily, I just use it every day for my elbows and knees. I have noticed that these parts of my body have improved in terms of skin tone– it has whitened- not a whole lot- but noticeably. So I can say that this scrub really worked for me however not all products that work for me, will work for you so I hope you keep that in mind.  Nevertheless, I’ll continue using this product and buy more if I ever run out of it. 

DISCLAIMER: This product is provided by Flawless Beauty for review purposes. All opinions stated in the review are unbiased and my own.

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  1. Once I finish up all my body scrubs, I'll definitely try this out!

  2. this sounds like an awesome product! great review

  3. Wow! I love body scrubs, especially Human Nature's phased out one, so might as well try this!


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