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Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Photos are a great way to capture memories and a great way to show people our emotions, that’s why I’ll always love having good photos around. A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about an online photo service company named PhotoJeepney and enumerated all the services they offer on their online store. I was also given the chance to experience their services plus give away vouchers to lucky readers as well (join giveaway here). 

I happily logged in at to choose which service I’d like to avail. Since I had a voucher for any imaging/digital photo service, I chose the Photo Montage which costs PHP80 only. This service allows me to merge two or more photos in one canvass with the background design or template of my choice. There were several templates available for the Montage but I wish that they had even more. I chose the Field of Dreams Template because it suits the photos that I already have.

photo montage templates photo services online

After choosing a template, it was time for me to upload the photos. It was pretty easy and it didn’t take a long time for the upload which was great! After that, I will just have to wait. What is also worth noting is that the staff exerts effort in informing you about the status of your order. It was stated in the invoice that I had to wait for 2 days for me to receive the final output. However, there seemed to have a delay because my order came after 6 days L Anyway, here is the final output:

kai grafia photo montage

Overall, the final output was so-so. I think though that those who don’t have time to edit photos or don’t have templates for their photos or don’t know how to edit, could very well benefit from availing PhotoJeepney’s service. Another point is that they have other services too that can be very useful such as photo printing, framing, fun art and a lot more. :) 

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