Review: Wet N Wild Matte Lipsticks

Friday, April 19, 2013

Women can't have just one lipstick for their entire lifetime. Just like bags, clothes and shoes, lippies are a must for us and maybe some would agree that we can never just stick to one. When Womanity decided to provide two (2) Wet n Wild Matte Lipsticks for review, I quickly and impulsively decided to buy two other shades for myself. See? That's how I want to drive my point home. But then it might not be the same for others. I've been using the lippies for quite a few weeks now and I've become loyal to using the brand ever since they reached my doorstep. So dear readers, welcome to my review. First off, here are the lovely shades that I personally picked out for myself and my impression on the colors:

  • Cinnamon Spice --- I must say that I chose this because it is a rich, deep and darker shade of red - almost like blood. However, those who aren't bold enough wont find this shade wearable for everyday use. 
  • Wine Room --- The color is pretty decent meaning it's wearable for everyday use and has a purple undertone to it. It's neither too light nor to dark, just right. 
  • Sandstorm --- This baby is also one of those dark shades. For me, this is a warm color and would definitely bring a pop of color to your look which I love. 
  • Rose Bud --- Adorable color! Among all four, I might say I've been using this quite a lot everyday because it's not too loud and it flatters my lips. This is indeed perfect for casual days <3

swatches of wet n wild matte lipstick with flash
swatches of wet n wild matte lipstick under normal lighting
Womanity was super prompt in shipping my package and that's one thing I always look for in an online shop. They also carefully enclosed it in bubble wrap to safeguard my precious orders. Now, onto the products: What I love about these lipsticks is that it is very much pigmented; one swipe will give you a rich and full color. It is long-lasting and would only require you to retouch once after around 5 hours or so based on my personal experience. I can also say that the product remained true to its description of being a matte lipstick - it has a matte finish but it doesn't make your lips look or feel dry. Awesome right? That's why I love wearing these babies. 

Aside from all those wonderful qualities, they are very affordable! Womanity offers them at a much lower price compared to other shops - only PHP165 each. What a steal! As for the downside, there's really not much. I like how sleek it looks with the black packaging and labels at the bottom. The transparent upper cover is convenient in identifying shades too. I just find it hard to take off the cover sometimes. Other than that, I should be fine. It would be so much fun to collect all the shades - I'm already planning to get some more - hihi. Here are my photos wearing the different shades of this lippie:

wet n wild matte lipstick swatches review

 How about you lovely ladies? Have you tried out Wet N Wild Lippies? What do you think about them? Comment away! <3 Wanna purchase? Buy it at Womanity. 

Disclaimer: Two of the four matte lippies were generously provided by Womanity for review purposes. However, all views/opinions are honest and purely my own. 

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  1. Replies
    1. No wonder <3 It's a great color for everyday use!

  2. I think I <3 the color of rose bud & wine room
    :) ;)

  3. I like Rose bud. Perfect color for everyday use. :)

    I've tried a few lines of Wet n Wild lipsticks. Most are really pretty good. :D

  4. lovely swatches! perfect sayo ung rose bud sis! :)

  5. I love long lasting lippies! Anyway, love the Rose Bud!

  6. great find! will have to try them matte lippies does the color last? i love all the shades you got i'm looking for pink lippies lately though I hope they have it!

  7. love rose bud and wine room! grabe cant wear shades na nasa brown shade but they so look good on you <3

  8. You look good in wine room. Um, I think I wanna try wine room too but I still have 4 lippies waiting to be reviewed in my stash. Ahhh.. procrastination! :/

  9. I like a sand storm,looks so sexy!


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