Style Your Hair for Summer

Thursday, April 11, 2013
It’s already Summer ladies and gentlemen which means more fun under the sun, going to the beach, bonding with friends and families and for most women, it’s the time where we go crazy and try something new with our hair. Either we get a new cut, a new color, or a new style? I’m sure you’re all excited to find out how you can further enjoy the season. Here are a few tips on how you girls can achieve a new look this summer! 

Wear your hair long with hair extensions!
  • Wear your hair long. Ever tried watching those shampoo commercials where they playfully flip their long and gorgeous hair? Fret not ladies, you can now achieve that too – with the use of hair extensions cheap. No need to wait or to grow your hair out – saves you the time and effort and if you wanna sport shorter hair, then you can just take them off. 
  • Try out those fancy floral head dresses or headbands to add a more goddess-like approach to your look. This accessory will go very well together with fish braids and curls. How to achieve that? Go for a curly hair extension and slip onto your natural hair. 
  • Wanna go ombre? It’s definitely possible! Hair weave in another color that’s lighter or darker than your natural hair color and voila! Easy ombre hair every day without the need for dyeing or risking your hair to more damage!
  • Lastly, always see to it that you take care of your hair. That way you can enjoy your summer without worrying about the damages that the sun and other environmental factors can cause to your hair. Avoid staying out too long under the sun and make sure you condition your hair to keep it smooth and soft all throughout.

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  1. Great post! Love floral headbands ^^


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