We're Calling It Spring

Saturday, April 27, 2013
I have never been this excited for Spring! Ever since I became a Fashion Blogger, I have always been looking forward to wearing more pastel colors and floral pieces just because it looks more feminine and soft to the eyes and yes, Spring is a perfect time to bring out those fashionable clothing pieces so I now have an excuse right? And so do you!

Allow this spring-crazed blogger to drownyou with spring goodness through these style suggestions for every spring occasion or event – from Tea Parties to Dates and day trips to the countryside. I've got you all covered :)
Spring 2013 Fashion Outfits

If you're going for a more laid back look that still looks chic - Spring Time Blues is perfect. The sheer top allows you to move freely and comfortably and the printed shorts will accentuate those perfect legs. And what better way to break the monotony of blues than to wear bright yellow flats that are perfect for long walks! 

Spring 2013 Fashion Outfits

Having a tea party over at your friend's house? Or out to read a good book at a cozy cafe? Spring Date is just what you need. Don't you just love the marriage between the pastel colors? I certainly do! It is even perfect for dates with your special someone too. 

Spring 2013 Fashion Outfits

Peachy Power is your casual look. You can bring out your denim vests or chambray shirts for the ultimate casual and laid-back vibe. Not into oxfords? Then substitute it with a quirky pair of high cut sneaker wedges for that rockin' feel. Who says you can't wear denim and floral together? 

I literally racked my brain to style the different looks and it took quite a while to finish all three of them. I've got to say that my favorite set would be the Spring Date. Why? Simply because it's very feminine, the colors are so soft and dainty and I love the shoes in that set. <3 Well, how about you gals? Which set is your favorite?

*This post is my official entry to the GiG Spotlight Series #5: Spring Fever Contest hosted by Caity of Moi Contre La Vie & Mari of I Love Green Inspiration.

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  1. Ohhh wow! I love all of the styles! <3

  2. Wow I love every single style :D
    I can't decide for a fave one! Awesome job here ;)

    xoxo, N&C nec-clace.blogspot.com

  3. Great spring theme Kai! LOvely sets :)
    Happy weekend!

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  4. love them all, the spring date one is 80% like what I made at polyvore yesterday! lol
    love the post and the blog! <3


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