You've Got to "BEIGE" Kidding Me

Thursday, April 18, 2013
//Tan Satchel bought from Therapy Bags//
//Floral Bangle from Pulseras by Pam//

I totally cannot understand the weather. It was very hot and humid this morning and suddenly it's raining. Tsk. I just hope that the rain stops this afternoon already. It's my boyfie's birthday today and I don't want the rain to ruin it. Oh well. I should stop complaining about things I can't control. 

So far my day has been going great. For one, I'm now a member of the Executive Committee for the Mindanao Blog Awards along with 2 other Z-Bloggers, Rhea & Jannie. I'm so excited about this event because I've never been part of this big an event in the blogging world. Lol. Anyway, enough about the events in my life - time to talk about the outfit you see up there. 

I can totally be Miss Matchy-Matchy most of the times and those photos could prove it. I just like my outfits/looks to be put together or in total harmony. That's why I paired the Style Candy dress with those adorable boots from Wholesale-Dress just because I don't wanna go all-girly. They're literally so comfy and lightweight! This is what I'm going to wear to dinner later minus the boots though. Hehe :) Tell me what you think about it on the comments section. And by the way, my Gyaru Barbie Giveaway just ended, I shall announce the winner before the week comes to a close. Be sure to join my on going giveaways loves!~
Happy April Giveaway – ends 4/30


  1. You look so fresh in your whole outfit - perfect for this weather!
    I especially liked your sun glasses and how you did your makeup!

  2. You look really girly here...your outfit is super cute and fun. Love your floral dress!


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