A Galaxy Dress Story

Thursday, May 09, 2013

When we were little girls, I think everybody has a princess dream. They also spend much time making up themselves. Of course, I am one of them. I think girls are an angel in the world; also we should have ourselves princess dresses. Do you agree with me? When you were younger, did you have such experience? 

During my childhood, I like wearing dresses very much, my mother tells me so. If I get a new dress, I must wear the dress next day. I think every girl likes to be beautiful. But mother says that there is a thing that's unbearable---I always wear her new dress. So I always wore my mother’s new clothes. Although she is my mother, she also is a lady who likes to be beautiful. 

I am still happy to hear my mother say that thing during those times. At the mean time, I cherish our happy memories. I like listening my mother talk about the stories about us over and over again. 

In fact, I am a 23 years old, also my mother is 50 years old. We can’t go back to  the naive and romantic time. I have become an adult and I don’t have such chance to wear my mother’s new dress. However, I hope that my mother can wear my dress and my mother can still look young. I must buy a new dress for my dear mother. 

Yes, yes... I'll do it by my self. This month, I get my salary from my work. I will buy two beautiful galaxy dresses for us. I want to wear the same dress with my mother. This dress is found by my repeatedly selecting. I always tell myself I get best thing from my mother, so I must provide my mother the best. Even if I do not have any ability, but I believe I will do my best to take care of mother. 

Actually, my mother is a fashion lady. She loves street fashion. This is why I choose the galaxy dress. The dress is in blue, and the pattern is special, these look like the starry night. They are more beautiful and charming. Also, the dress is in a back hollow design. I think it’s very suitable for our summer trip. Romwe Women's Galaxy Printed Backless Shift Dress let me see my mother’s smile in her face. This is the best thing for me. 

Also, the Romwe online shop is much humanized; I tell them the thing that I want to do. I get my dress after 6 days; I think this is very fast. I remember that Romwe service tell me that FedEx have to stop a short time, I think I can’t receive my dresses fast, this amazes me. Thanks to my mother! Thank for Romwe!

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