Dressed Up in Floral

Monday, May 27, 2013
Argh! How can a week become so stressful? I can't believe it's Monday again :( I literally had to put off with posting anything on my blog during the weekend because I need relaxation badly. Why can't weekend be a four or five days vacation? Anyway, enough with the rants. Sorry guys, I just needed to release that. So to make up for lost time, I'm back with another outfit post and this time with my lovely sister! We took these photos just yesterday before going to church in our matching floral dresses - pink and blue. Don't we look cute? Okay, kill me. Hahaha ^-^

My sister is a little camera shy and doesn't want her photos to be posted on my blog so I just posted this one photo of her. But since this is my blog, I'll have to post my solo outfit shots too.

Paisley Floral Dress Pastel
Paisley Floral Dress Pastel
Paisley Floral Dress Pastel
Paisley Floral Dress PastelPaisley Floral Dress Pastel

 //Pastel Paisley Maxi Dress from TideShe//
//Pearl Bangle from ShopThisEasy//
//Necklace from GQ by Pink Closet//
//Shoes bought from Modernosense//
//Floral Wreathe made by yours truly//

Honestly, I love the feel of these photos. The colors look really fab - just my favorite - not too loud, very pastel-y. It also helps that this gorgeous dress has very comfy and flow-y fabric. So there you go loves :) Hoped you liked the photos as much as I did! Happy Monday!


  1. actually I didn't read your post I just staring at your photos. your so cute :D Kidding aside I liked the floral dress. Pinoy Portal Forum

  2. Floral outfit looks good on you because there's an aura of innocence in you.

  3. nice! Your outfit worked perfectly with the background and color manipulation. Were you using a dslr for these shots?

  4. love the floral outfits! :D

  5. When will I ever experience wearing a floral head dress like that? Haha! *envy* Btw, I love how it was post processed, it looked like a digital art in first glance (;


  6. love everything! I love your dress a lot, Kai! :D Floral prints never goes out of style. always a classic! <3

  7. omg! you likes dolls wearing those maxi dresses!! its nice to have a sister yah? Someone can take your photos and be your twinsies anytime haha

  8. Ang sarap sa mata. It's like a pool of pastel colors. Love this!

  9. Oh my gosh!!! This is my first time here and really really cute blog :D You are so pretty! Lovely photos! Definitely loving the floral print on those maxis!


  10. Sweet & Innocent look Love it sis <3
    The head dress is perfect for your maxi

    Stay pretty



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