Essential Summer Accessories For Women

Thursday, May 09, 2013
Summer hat
Summer wear is all about light, small or loose clothing and big bold accessories. You can have so much fun dressing up your summer fashion with some really funky things.

Everyone needs a great pair of sunglasses in the summer but make sure you get the right style for your face as well as colouring. Make sure you think about the shape of the glasses too as not every style will suit the shape of your face. Try on several pairs before you choose a specific shape, round, oblong, square, narrow or wide shapes are available. Sometime the dark black look simply will not suit your skin tone and a rusty brown and copper frame will really pop. You can opt for more fun colour with plastic frames to suit bold or more colourful outfits but make sure you have an everyday pair too.

Wearing hats in the summer is about protection from the sun, but this doesn't mean you have to stick to one style. The classic Panama or Straw Fedora type hats will always pull together a classy outfit for a hot day. Fishing hats for casual looks and maximum cover can work and baseball hats are set to make a little revival this summer. You can always try headscarves too be more daring and colourful, you could even layer a tick headband with scarf to make a really bohemian look. Make sure you consider your hair within any headwear for the summer too.

Jewellery can get a little bigger in summer as you clothing gets a little smaller or lighter you can really have some fun. Keeping your hair up with the heat can allow chunky necklaces and dangly colourful earring to become a really great look.  As your sleeves get shorter it will allow for multiple bracelets, rings and even a little henna tattoo or arm bracelet.

Summer is about fashion in the sun, make sure it is going to work in the heat and keep you cool as well as making you look amazing. Being a little more colourful and adding some zest colours is a must in summer.

Author Bio: Rebecca is a fashion student who works on a part-time basis for Samara James. They provide engagement rings to help create the perfect proposal and really give her something to say yes to. Rebecca enjoys creating her own outfits and enjoys more daring colourful fashions especially over the summer.

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