Go Bold with Bib Necklaces this Spring!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013
I think at some point most of us have dreamt of swimming in sapphires or being drenched in diamonds. Even if our typical jewelry tastes lean toward the lighter, more delicate side, the appeal of oversized baubles is nearly impossible to resist. The price tag attached, however? Yeah – my wallet can resist that just fine! But luckily, there is a lovely world of accessories beyond genuine gems. A world in which I can grab necklaces by the handful and feel the richest, most radiant lady in all the land! A world in which oh-so-eye-catching and glamorous bib necklaces from Derng.com start at just $19!

A friend introduced me to Derng.com when I was looking for sparkly infinity jewelry. Everything I was finding was either too simple or too over-the-top, but Derng’s pieces were just perfect. Given their great quality and cheap price, I couldn't resist seeing what else Derng had to offer, and thus began my love affair with their bib style statement necklaces! Whether you wear them for a special occasion or to add interest to an otherwise plain top, bib necklaces from Derng.com make an affordable and fun addition to your jewelry lineup. And with shades including baby pink, hot pink, turquoise, purple, red and more, you’re sure to find at least one favorite!

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