Romwe $9.99 SALE

Saturday, May 18, 2013
  Hey lovelies. I just wonder if you guys know what the figure “9” means in China? Well, you see, if you come to China, you will see many “9” in different kinds of stores, even on online stores! Chinese people seem to all like this figure so much, because it means permanence! Permanent Friendship! Permanent Happiness! Permanent Love! So when it comes to some big occasions like weddings, they will choose the day that has the number “9”!
In relation to this Romwe just launched a lucky “$9.99” catalogue which includes shirts, cases, collars, accessories, etc. It is available now and will last for a long time! 
$9.99 for any piece!! 300+ wishlist styles
Available now! Limited supply! No restocking once sold out!

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