Wednesday, May 29, 2013
A lot of bloggers all around the world has been doing this - their very own photodump from Instagram. Well, it's a great way to create content for the blog though and it explains more on what you were up to during the week or the month. However, since "dump" sounds like a negative word, I went with "diary" instead since it suits the blog post more. I admit, I'm addicted to IG! It's really awesome to see photos of your friends, idols or even strangers - it's somewhat refreshing. It might have a couple of limits but it's what makes IG unique from the other apps. It also allows me to follow my favorite online shops and shop from there without leaving my seat. If you haven't been following me on IG, then these photos might look unfamiliar to you. For those who follow my account: @kaigrafia then this is just a recap. Haha :) Thanks for following and for those who haven't yet, let me know so I can follow back. :)) 

Set ONE. Most of the photos in this set shows my favorite things during the summer. I made some dainty floral wreathes to be used during my OOTDs, acquired some new arm swags, Maybelline's Makeup Remover (which works wonders) and went gaga over McDonald's Big N Tasty and Cher Lloyd's music! I have also learned that getting shopping coupons are indeed useful because this Sears coupon saves you $35.

Set TWO shows some of the outfit posts I had on this blog as well as new stuff that sponsors sent me like Girl Stuff nail polish. You can also see there our new puppy named Boyon who is very tiny during that time the photo was taken and has grown a lot bigger now! I also took a photo of what I wore during the JKC event (in red) as well as the waterfall braid done by one of our younger churchmates. 

Set THREE is more of Outfit Shots I took some of which I wasn't able to post on my blog due to time constraint and my sister's unavailability to take shots. Hahaha! Thank God for IG and my Xperia phone, I was still able to document my OOTDs :))

There's supposed to be more photos that those but you'd be too overwhelmed if I post all of them. I'm planning to do something like this on a weekly basis (if I don't get bitten by the lazy bug and if I'm not too busy with work). And I'd like to see photos on your IG too so don't hesitate to leave a comment with your IG account so we can follow each other! Have a nice Wednesday lovelies! 

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  1. Great pictures! You look too cute in all the pink & prints for Spring!


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