Summer's Color Codes

Monday, May 20, 2013
Colored Skater Skirt Philippines
Colorful Arm swag armcandies
Colorful wedges

//Hot Pink Blazer from SM GTW//
//Floral Top, a gift from the Boyfie//
//Green Skater Skirt from Persici//
//Necklace from Sugar-Rush//
//Colorful bracelets, a gift from Keshi//
//Clutch, DIY by my Mom//
//Shoes bought from Modernosense//

Hello dearest! It's actually raining cats and dogs here in Zamboanga City these days and it feels like Summer has long gone - I'm a little sad about that. I miss the sun and the warmth it gives off. I don't like wearing too much sweaters but I guess I'll have to. Guess I'm lucky to have been able to save those shots up there - you see I definitely love wearing colorful pieces because it brightens up my look and my mood. In this case, the green skater skirt from Persici totally rocked the outfit :) And for more dose of fun, I threw in the pink bonnet. 

Argh, I hope there were more days for Summer. I wish it never went away so soon. Do you guys feel the same way? I've been quite busy this weekend. I just want to update you guys on what's happening in my life. I hosted the JKC event last Friday, on Saturday I had VezTV Shoot and then headed on to relax with my Superfriends at Astoria Regency for some night swimming. :) So I guess I'll have to go. See you soon lovelies!


  1. I honestly think that among everything you have ever worn and posted, this is my favorite one of you. I love color blocking and I am impartial to the teal-pink combo. :) Pretty.

  2. It's nice how maroon and green combine in this outfit plus it helps that you are really pretty.

  3. aaah super cute color combination! :)

  4. lovely outfit! :)

  5. love your blazer and your skirt :D

  6. so love the beanie! im a fun of wearing beanies too I wear them a lot lalo n sa mga flight hehe i have tons of them hide my really big ears hehe lovethe combi of pink and mint colours!

  7. I love your bracelets! So fun to look at! =)

  8. very summer indeed. i love your bracelet, i like anything colorful.

  9. Love the skirt! Nice color. Bagay gad. ;-)


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