The Leggings with the Retro-Colored Floral

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Romwe leggings, in my eyes, represent fashion, retro and happiness. Did you know about Romwe leggings before you read this article? I have a friend who'd want to let you know more about what these leggings mean to her. Let's welcome, Angel :)
When I was little, I've always wanted to leave home to study abroad. Although going away makes me lonely, I have to go to have a brighter future. So I came to New York. I found that I was like an ugly duck in my school. You know I just came from a little place, and I don’t have any friends in New York. And every girl in this place is fashionable. I am the only out-fashionable girl. 

One year passed, I made some friends in the place. They suggested me to make a change for a good look. They think most girls in our school wear leggings, why not choose leggings to match my tops? At the same time, I know their suggestions are very useful for me. But I have difficulties in fulfilling this small goal. I am a student. I need to work while studying, so I don’t have extra money to buy some clothes for myself. Also, leggings are very expensive. 

However, I always remind myself that I want to change my look. So I decided to buy these leggings with less money. Therefore, I went to the online shop to find these leggings. Finally, I found Romwe Shop in Amazon. I can’t believe that the beautiful leggings are in such low price until I got the leggings from Romwe. The leggings just surprised me! 

I remember that day I wore the leggings called Romwe Women's Retro Colored Floral Print Spandex Leggings with my old blue top, my friends all were surprised with their mouth opening. I know I am successful. When they asked me the price, they all opened their mouths again. But for me, I didn't do it to surprise them but to improve myself. I believe if I want to do best and take actions to do, I will have a good future! 

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