Women ‘should go easy on the makeup’

Friday, May 10, 2013
Women wearing too much makeup

As women get older, they may try a number of different things to look younger than their years. For some this may include opting for breast implants or other cosmetic surgery, while for others it may simply be a case of changing the style of clothing that they wear or applying a little more makeup.

A combination of the latter two is probably one of the most effective methods of knocking off the years but getting the look just right can still prove something of a challenge for many ladies. However, one female who knows a thing or two about looking her best has suggested that females should resist the temptation to try and make themselves look younger. Model Cindy Joseph was signed up at the age of 49 and was spotted after she decided to stop colouring her hair and simply leave its natural silver shade alone.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, she suggested that once they turn 50 many women are tempted to increase the amount of makeup they wear or opt for some sort of enhancement such as nose surgery to change their appearance. She suggested that ladies who resort to camouflaging themselves with blusher and powder are “not fooling anybody” and often end up making themselves look older.

Cindy also offered a few dos and don’ts that might be worth keeping in mind for those who wish to look their best. Red lipstick is a good choice, she suggested, providing that it isn’t teamed with too much other makeup. “Just a bit of mascara and a slight pop of color in your cheeks. It's that really clean face with just a pop of color on your lips,” she said.

In terms of what to avoid the 62-year-old stated that the biggest no-no is coral, due to the fact it tends to age the wearer and that when trying to add drama to the eyes it is advisable not to use “any shadows darker than your skin tone”. It might seem a bold step but the words could well be enough to encourage some women to put down their blusher and foundation a little earlier than they normally do. And who knows? If we get it just right then the less is more effect may come in to play.

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