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Friday, June 14, 2013
how to wear a skater skirt with blazers

Hurray for Friday! ❤ I Know how overused this phrase is. Like every week someone utters it to signal the end of a boring week and a start to an exciting weekend with family, friends and loved ones. My weekend might have started early though because last night we attended a birthday party and we had so much fun.  We even played simple card games wherein one will be punished by eating a piece of the Beanboozzled candies with odd and yummy flavors like Baby Wipes, Rotten Eggs, Centipede and etc. Eeew! Hahaha :) Now, back to our OOTD: As you can see, I'm wearing a really pretty blue blazer that I got from Romwe as fruit of my labor. I paired it with my denim vest and my new mustard skater skirt from Cinta Manila. I always think that blue and yellow go well together so I just went ahead and paired them and I liked what I saw :)

how to wear skater skirts with blazer
how to wear skater skirts with blazer
how to wear skater skirts with blazer
how to wear skater skirts with blazer

//Blue Blazer from Romwe//
//Printed Mustard Skater Skirt from Cinta Manila//

Anyhoo, tell me what you think of the look by leaving a comment. As of right now, I am busy with choosing the clothes I'm about to include into my June Blog/Closet Sale as well as the pairs of shoes and accessories. Like I said before, the reason behind this is my room makeover/construction and it'll cost much so I thought of raising funds thru this sale.  Hopefully you guys can support this cause. Hahaha :) I'm posting it very soon as soon as I finish the inventory. Have a great Friday dearest friends ❤ 

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  1. great outfit! really loving the color blocking and that blazer is bomb!


  2. Looks super cute with the hairband! Yellow and blue look good together, I like it (:

  3. I love the cropped jean top and the blazer combo. and the pop of color is great as well!

  4. Nice preppy yet professional look Kai1 Cool :)

    Good luck on the sale :)

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  5. Love the Outfit especially the Blue Blazer :) you look fab!! :) thank you for visiting my Blog! <3

    <3 Chaicy


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